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Tom B.V.De Wulf

Design Director

The founder of the Antwerp Art Institute/Brussels Studio/The most striking international designer of the 21st century, has worked in design for more than 20 years and has won a series of academic achievements and international product design awards.

Adhere to the principle of originality, design and innovation, design products with soul, life is the creative source of product design, and thinking concept is the connotation spirit of product design. Product design takes people's inner impulses into a concrete and sensible form, which is basically a materialized artistic behavior towards life. It becomes one of the specific living conditions of culture.

The cultural connotation of product design is the materialized form of human spiritual intelligence creation, as the existence form and carrier of cultural value - its production method is an exploratory, pioneering and creative labor, rather than a standardized operation that can be mass-produced.

Since 2000, we have cooperated with Qi Bairui. The products designed during the exhibition have aroused strong repercussions at major exhibitions. The good market performance proves the enduring vitality of original design.

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