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Overall wardrobe installation skills and precautions


The overall wardrobe production process is different from the general purchase of panel furniture. First, the designer will have a close contact and communication with the user, understand the user's hobbies and their home style, and then measure the door to design a reasonable overall wardrobe. During this period, the designer will provide a computer rendering, and after the user is satisfied, the overall wardrobe will be made from the assembly line according to the drawings.

1. Use a cloth to place the floor, first assemble from the wide side panel against the end of the wall, and lay the wide side panel on the ground (700mm away from the rear wall). First, put the filled three-in-one rubber plug plate on the cloth, check the hole spacing and the drawing, and install the three-in-one single-link. Then the solid layer is nailed to the cork, fixed on the wide side plate, the top handle with the large handle hole facing upward, the other solid layers are facing downward, and the foot line large handle hole is facing inward (the middle solid layer is consistent with the L frame height, that is, the bottom plate to the solid layer The inner space is 960mm, and the hole is drilled on site.) Put the side panels and nail the cork. The cork is required to connect the solid layers on both sides. Install the double connecting rod on the second cabinet. Note that the double handle can only lock half of the large handle, that is, 90°. When the two solid layers are fixed to the side plates, tighten the large handles at the same time. Repeat the installation steps for the second cabinet when installing the third cabinet.

2. Nail back plate. Place the assembled whole cabinet on the floor of the point cloth, and lay the side panels in the same plane. Use a slider to measure the diagonal size of the cabinet and adjust it to the same level. Start with the first backing plate from the wide measuring board. Note that if there is a solid nail in the middle, draw the center line of the solid layer with a pencil and nail it again. nail.

3. Installation of the L frame. Use the side plates of the L frame to a parallel line on the corresponding side plates, then move the center line of the three-in-one rubber particles up by 9 mm, and draw a parallel line on the corresponding bottom plate with the top frame of the L frame. The inner center 9mm draws the center line of three rubber pieces. The hole was drilled with a 10 mm drill bit and the hole depth was 10-20 mm. Install a single pole. After the L frame is installed, nails are fixed on the back plate.

4. Clean up the wardrobe installation debris, one person at the left and right, the wardrobe is slightly inclined backwards, lifted hard, and moved back to the desired position. Be careful not to scratch the floor or the wall.

5, 1) The three-in-one rubber particles are inside a 1 drawer hole;

2) connecting the 2, 3 side plates to the pumping surface;

3) Connect 4 and 2, 3 side plates and plywood with intermediate solid layer ¢ 3.5*40 screws;

4) Insert the back plate 5 into the slots 2 and 3, and fix it on the rear plate 4 with small nails, and install the in-line handle (the drawer requires squareness and maintain the angle of 90°).

Install three sections of track:

The track is placed against the drawer, flushing the drawer floor, and the moving female rail fixing sub-rail screw is mounted on the sub-track vertical eye (this is an adjustable position). The distance between the two drawer panels to the center of the track eye is further increased by 2 mm. The data of the female rails is removed and the cross-cut line is drawn on the side panel of the cabinet with a 90° angle. The cross-section is the center line of the female rail. . The drawer panel is inserted into the column, so the vertical cut line is drawn from the outer side of the side panel of the cabinet. The female rail is flush with the vertical tangent line, the center eye is flush with the center line, and the screw is mounted on the transverse eye of the bus bar (adjustable position). After the drawer is installed, the adjustable position is used for debugging, so that the drawer surface is flat and the surrounding gap is even. Finally, the fixing screws are placed on the transverse eye of the sub-track and on the vertical eye of the female rail. And so on to install the next one. In the case of full drawers, the same principle can be installed from bottom to top, and the uppermost drawer can be fixed with a 90° angle. The premise requires that the surface is leveled and the apprentice is uniform. The drawer clearance is 2mm.

Plaid rack: Install three rails in the same way as the three rails of the drawer, measure the distance between the side panel and the center of the rail plus 50mm gap, and draw the data to draw the cross-cut line on the side panel of the cabinet, install the female rail, debug and fix . The upper side of the side panel of the lattice frame is fixed to maintain a 50MM gap for the purpose of taking objects.

Pants rack: similar to the grid rack installation, the difference is that the side panel of the pants rack is 20mm away from the grid surface. Keeping the inner space of 20mm is also convenient for use.

7, the installation of the push-pull mirror. The three-section rail is mounted on the push-pull mirror, and the height of the push-pull mirror is generally 1700 mm above the bottom solid layer (customer can request height). The transverse line of the track is drawn on the side panel at a height of 90° according to the required height. The parallel distance between the new eyes in the three-section track on the upper line is measured, and the accurate data is drawn on the side plate to draw the lower track transverse line with a 90° square. Install the upper and lower mother rails of the push-pull. The mother rail is 5mm away from the backboard and is equipped with a push-pull mirror.

8, the installation of Yitong. Move the 38mm draw cross-cut line from the ground level, the side plate is divided into the vertical cut line, and the cross pad is the center position of the first eye above the clothing pass.

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