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Clever understanding of mahogany furniture: a look at two


Beginning in the Ming Dynasty, because of its simple and symmetrical shape, the natural material texture is pleasant, so it is favored by the majority of collectors. Many people call the mahogany furniture as humanistic furniture and art furniture.

However, the mahogany furniture on the market is not good enough. It is very likely that you will look away from the eye. In fact, in addition to “looking,” we can also use “smell” to identify the material of the furniture.

Hainan huanghuali: Hainan huanghuali, the scientific name of scented rosewood, is the traditional material used in making classical furniture in China. According to Zhou Mo in "Mu Jian", "The newly sawed yellow pear has a strong scent, but it has been a long time, especially when it is old furniture. Its smell turns into a slight fragrance, which is generally unseen. If conditions permit, you can scrape a small piece in an inconspicuous place, and the smell is usually huanghuali. The so-called 'Vietnamese huanghuali' is sour."

Lobular rosewood: the scientific name of sandalwood rosewood, also known as Venus rosewood, bovine hairy rosewood, etc., produced in India. The lobular rosewood has a faint sandalwood scent, and the newly cut wood has a distinct aroma, and for a long time it turns into odorless. When purchasing rosewood furniture, it is limited to the newly-made furniture or the newly-cut wood by taste. It is important not to simply believe in sandalwood fragrance, which requires comprehensive consideration.

Laos red rosewood: the scientific name of Dalbergia chinensis, also known as red rosewood, is the best wood and most widely used wood in red rosewood. This wood is produced in Laos and Vietnam and is usually dark red with black stripes (commonly known as black ribs) with a sour aroma. Siamese rosewood is the traditional material used in making furniture in China.

Laos rosewood: Laos rosewood scientific name bird foot rosewood, mainly produced in Laos, is now the more common mahogany furniture materials on the market. The fragrance of Laos rose pear can be regarded as the most intense in rosewood. If you use it to make a cabinet, then when you open the door, there will be a strong aroma that is easy to distinguish. (Liu Changyu)

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