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How to get started with mahogany furniture collection?


At present, the collection of mahogany furniture investment has become an important field in the collection of investment, and with the increase in people's income level, the mahogany home is expected to become the darling of high-end furniture.

Of course, the collection of mahogany furniture also has certain skills. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the materials. The common types of mahogany on the market are mainly Hainan huanghuali, lobular rosewood, Vietnamese huanghuali, and red rosewood. The material characteristics of these four kinds of wood And the price is not exactly the same. Investors can gain the ability to identify materials by running the market, seeing samples, accumulating knowledge and experience.

Second, learn to identify fakes. The high value and high profit of mahogany furniture naturally gave birth to the fake tide of mahogany furniture. If you want to avoid fake goods, you should pay attention to fraudulent information. The usual methods of fraud have similarities. The more fraudulent information and means you know, the less likely you are to be blinded by fakes. The second is to choose business reputation as much as possible. A better mahogany furniture store, and pay attention to check whether the red wood quality is marked according to national standards in the material column on the product price label.

Finally, pay attention to the maintenance methods of mahogany furniture. The mahogany furniture investment collection is a long-term collection investment, so good preservation is essential, and mahogany furniture will be best preserved in the right temperature and humidity. Preventing furniture deformation, being infected by insects, being flooded, etc., is a very meticulous work. After doing all these work, mahogany furniture will appear in good quality in the future and fully reflect the value of its collection.

In the view of Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, in addition to this, we must also pay attention to the appearance quality of mahogany furniture. "Jade is not awkward, not a device." The same is true for mahogany furniture. Fine mahogany furniture pays attention to "shape, material, art". The craft and shape also determine the collection value of mahogany furniture. The price of the same piece of furniture on the market may differ by a hundred times. The traditional crafts such as engraving, rivet, inlay and curve are used. The mahogany furniture made without any nails and adhesives is worthy of collection.

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