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Five university questions about furniture feng shui


Furniture is just like clothes. It is inseparable from our daily life. In a family, the wind and moisture of furniture affects the feng shui pattern of the whole family. If it is placed improperly, it will easily cause various problems and bring many influences to the homeowner. . The beautiful home was renovated and the furniture was set up. This is also learned.

1. The sofa should not be placed on the window for a long time. The violent sun will make the surface of the sofa fade, which directly affects the durability of the sofa. Therefore, no matter which material is made of the sofa, it cannot be placed next to the window for a long time, especially the room facing west. It is even more important to avoid.

2, audio-visual equipment should not be placed close to the window. The location of the audio-visual equipment should also be away from the window. There are two reasons: First, because the screen of the TV is illuminated by light, it will produce a reflective effect, and the eyes will be enjoyed when watching TV programs. Not comfortable. Second, the dust will be contaminated near the window. When it rains, the rain will be more likely to splash on the equipment, affecting its operation and even leakage.

3, the use of chandeliers must be used in the market, most of the lighting is mainly chandeliers, the use must be appropriate, if the house is too low, we must pay attention to the height of the chandelier, too low will hinder walking. The chandelier is installed in the middle position and the light is more even. As for the height of the chandelier, the ideal distance is about 50-60 cm from the table top. If it is too high, it may be dazzling, too low and it will hit the head.

4, the height of the writing desk should pay attention to the desktop of the writing desk should be lower than the elbow to facilitate activities. The distance between the top of the hanging cabinet and the ground should not exceed 2 meters. If the art cabinet has two layers, the first layer should be able to see the objects placed inside in the first level as the ideal height, and the second layer can be lifted by the hand. It is better to get something.

5, the bed should not be placed opposite the mirror and the beam should not be facing the mirror, because the mirror reflects other things, when people are in a fuzzy state, may be shocked. The bed should not be placed under the beam, because the subconscious will feel oppressed under the beam.

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